Frameless shower

Frameless shower

Custom and Elegant Frameless Showers in Delta, BC Bathrooms

Frameless Glass Shower Doors in Vancouver, BC = Custom. Elegant.

We provide a wide range of wonderful frameless glass shower doors. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. When you decide to install a frameless glass shower door, you will meet the most experienced and skilled frameless show installers in Vancouver.

They are highly trained individuals who believe in and abide by our philosophy to not just meet but exceed your expectations. From measurements to sales to installation, your glass enclosure will be a “seamless” experience which will exceed expectations.

Our ability to offer you an effortless experience in ordering your new frameless shower doors is matchless by any other Vancouver glass installation company. After the glass is fabricated, one or two of our experienced contractors will finish the job so that you can start appreciating the shower enclosure of your dreams.

Stylish Appearance

Practically every shower door is now designed with modern frameless glass to enrich bath decor.

Increased Value

Frameless heavy glass shower doors immediately improve resale value, lasting way longer than thin glass framed units.

Open & Spacious

Frameless glass doors give a spacious, open look to make baths look bigger with elegance and beauty.

Low Maintenance

Frameless glass is simple to clean without metal framing that entices harmful mildew and mold.


Bacteria, viruses, and germs have nowhere to breed on the glass. With maintenance and proper care, glass always remains to look new.


Safety glass is one of the most eco-green building material used by builders and designers.

Frameless shower doors are custom made and are a classy option for almost any bathroom. They are stylish, sleek, and come with an assortment of options. In our vocabulary, the word “standard” does NOT exist. Every home and bath is unique in design. We customize every glass piece and cost.

Frameless shower doors are perfect since they open up the bathroom, letting natural light come into the shower. It brings a tasteful touch to every bathroom and raises the property value considerably. They are effortlessly cleaned, making them very low-maintenance.

Our Vancouver glass installation experts have the skill and experience to install brand new frameless glass shower doors in your bath. They will measure and custom-create glass panels to give you a frameless shower door that you like and functions the way it should.

Our installation specialists will travel anywhere in greater Vancouver to install customized frameless showers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a renter, homeowner, contractor, designer, or architect.

We not only can install new and repair existing frameless glass shower doors, but we can also adjust or add to current shower enclosures. Custom additions or adjustments are a specialty of our team. We will come to your property, measure, and create a flawless, frameless shower for your existing bathroom. We will have it ready for you and installed quickly.

When you get a price from us, we will in detail describe all materials used, not to mention you will receive excellent pricing and a warranty you’ll love. It will be with great pleasure that we can offer advice on how to keep your beautiful frameless shower looking brand new years after installation. We are here to assist.