Double glazed windows

Double Glazed Windows in Vancouver – Providing Comfortable Indoor Climates

Insulating glass, more frequently known as double glazing (also called double pane), contains two glass window panes divided by a gas-filled space or vacuum to lessen heat going across a section of the building. Double glazed windows are an incredible addition to any residence or business.

Vancouver Windows focuses on installing double pane windows or replacing damaged glass panes. Insulated glass units have two or more pieces of glass, as well as an insulating spacer. This spacer divides the two panes of glass while closing the space between them. It is lined up with a desiccant, a moisture absorbent material.

We complete the installation by safeguarding the whole unit with a quality sealant to stop condensation from building up between the panes. Sometimes, either krypton or argon gas is put into the space in the middle of the two panes to give more insulation.

How Do Double Glazed Windows Work?

Double glazed windows help to equalize the temperature in your property, reducing the heat exchange through windows. Double glazed windows stop chills and cold winds from coming in and reduces the sticky heat that spreads throughout the home or business. As a result, the air conditioning and heating system operate less, saving you huge amounts of energy and a huge amount of money.

When to Invest in Double Glazed Windows?

Changing Temperatures: Vintage homes tend to have numerous temperature changes because they have older materials and window structures. Adding insulated glass will make a more stable indoor climate.

Cloudy or Milky Appearance of Glass: If your current double pane windows have signs of a cloudy appearance or condensation, you have broken seals, and the solution is window replacement or pane repair.

Cracks and Damage: Any damage to glass or around the edges of the frame need quick attention. These cracks make ordinary glass undergo harsh temperature changes and damage. That makes your current windows useless.

Double Glazed Repair & Replacement

At Vancouver Windows, we have a professional, skilled team who specialize in double glazed glass repair and replacement. We provide top-quality service and affordable prices in the greater Vancouver area. Our double-glazed windows contractors will give you a professional, dependable, and honest evaluation of what insulated window service your home or business needs. Complete double-glazed window replacement might not be necessary. Our team will strive to make sure you receive the best service for the best price.

We have worked earnestly in building a reputation for quality double glazed windows in Delta.  Our work and our window products speak for themselves. We have formed solid relationships with all our vendors and clients. We are very serious about providing only the best products to you.

Most of the leading manufacturers provide good warranties with lifetime coverage against any defects, including service and parts, for as you own your property. This warranty helps us guarantee you are pleased with your double-glazed window project and have peace of mind realizing that you have a protected investment.