Our Vancouver, BC Window and Glass Installations Create the Look You’ve Dreamed Of

At Vancouver Windows, we have years of experience in the glass repair, window installation, and window replacement business. We provide Greater Vancouver property owners with high-quality windows, frameless showers, and frameless glass railings. All the window and glass materials and services we offer are approved by industry standards. Teamwork is key.

Our goal is to help you create the look of your business or home you’ve dreamed of, as well as making it as secure as ever. Secure, durable windows can stop home intrusions, even when dealt multiple blows and numerous attempts at forced entry.

Every staff member comes together as one unit to fulfill the requests of our clients. Whether we’re just part of the design phase offering our consulting abilities or providing our glazing expertise on the project, all staff members work for you. Communication is a crucial part of our success. Our team has weekly meetings to discuss the stage of each project.

We school all employees of Vancouver Windows in the right glazing procedures and techniques. Our contractors can securely lift, transport, and install extra-large items for your project. We are a full-service Vancouver glass and window replacement company providing structural engineering, energy compliance solutions, and design assistance. Contact us today to explore your window options!